What is Rainbow English?

I almost forgot to write who we are. Rainbow English, a private language school, 100% school of English as in the time of crisis it's hard to think about any other languages. The school was founded by Julia Budzowska, a fully qualified English teacher with over 10 years of experience. This is going to be our eighth year of working. Each school year brings new experiences. Two years ago we realised a big EU project in one od the primary schools in the neighbourhood and after finishing it we simply stayed among the same walls to continue our work. Last school year the statistics were:
3 teachers
180 students in the school
95 pupils in the nearby kindergarten

We try to put pressure on quality not quantity, but of course, we are not ideal. That's why we decided to follow the owner's dream and introduce CLIL into our curriculum not changing the whole philosophy at once, as that wouldn't be accepted and in fact, CLIL doesn't require it.
"New" lessons cannot take more than 50% of our teaching time. In fact, we were thinking about a more softer version up to 30%.
This blog will present our struggle with the new.
This blog is supposted to be a kind of a manual for others also interested in CLIL but scared of the amount of work. Let us be the first ones on the route. Then it should be easier for you to follow ;)


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