Why we should not teach a language only

 Some might ask WHY? Why do I want to spend long hours preparing something for a lesson while in their opinion teaching English itself is enough. Honestly, such a question proves that the person I'm talking to isn't a (good) teacher. Sadly, sometimes in fact this question is asked by a person claiming to be the one. I had a chance to cooperate with people whose lessons were artificial, with no interpersonal contact and, what's even worse, left nothing in students' minds. To my mind such "teachers" should deeply revise their decision. No matter what you do, try to be professional and... happy. You spend most of your life working! I am lucky to say that I adore what I do. Teaching gives me energy, enthusiasm and satisfaction.

I came across a quote that reflects my beliefs, so there it goes:

Teachers of English as a second or foreign language to young children must impart English skills at the same time that they foster socialization; heighten an awareness of the self, the immediate classroom community, and the community beyond the school; introduce content concepts; and expose students to art, drama, literature, and music. They must accomplish these objectives through enjoyable activities that address the whole child—the child’s physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development. (Schinke-Llano and Rauff 1996)

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