Off we go!

The adventure with CLIL is starting right now. Today three groups had a chance to taste and try a little of this modern approach. I didn't introduce all of the steps on purpose. We are getting to know the area piece by piece. Therefore, at first I show them how it is to work with the use of IWB, visuals and other resources. Next, they learn to assess their own work in a group and in a pair.  In a few weeks we will try to communicate in English during group work. Unfortunately, most of the students don't know HOW to speak in English although their level in grammar and vocabulary is quite high. At least sufficient to get a message.
First stage - recognising graphs and charts
The picture you can see shows the first task my students had to face - matching the pictures with the names of various graphs or charts. By this activity I checked a very important element - each lesson should start with allowing children to show what they ALREADY know. Yes - before you teach, motivate by letting to "boast off" with previous knowledge that doesn't come from your classes. You would be surprised seeing how encouraged students become. What's more, that kind of activity makes them more familiar with the aims of the whole lesson.

To be continued ;)

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