Healthy food and LEGO blocks

In our offer we have lessons for big groups, usually school classes. This time we had a chance to meet wonderful children from a school nearby, aged 10/11, who decided to have a meeting on healthy food. Boring, right? Well with CLIL, with good CLIL, nothing is dull. But that needs loads of preparations, hours of writing & searching through the Internet. This time everything worked well. The lesson plan is a part of Erasmus+ Project: "Bilingual Education - a step ahead" where we are partners.

TIME: 120 mins

 1. We started with a book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and a small talk about nutrition. HOTS and LOTS questions appeared as usual to activate children's prior knowledge.

2. I asked Ss to fill in a short questionnaire where different products were listed, both healthy and unhealthy ones. We used their answers to talk more about healthy food and unhealthy habits ;)

3. That was an excellent introduction to a food pyramid that we analysed step by step thinking how many portions a day we should/can consume to stay healthy and strong.

4. I asked Ss to build Food Group trees. A wonderful idea for practising thinking skills.

5. Now some LEGO! Working in groups students constructed food pyramids where they placed little flashcards with food.

Well, some of the pyramids were closer to dreams that healthy, harsh reality ;)

6. The last task - a kind of evaluation - was to build My Plate with representatives of all healthy food groups.

Water, chicken, an orange, a lemon, a piece of watermelon

Some pasta, chicken, tomatoes, lemons and milk
A tomato, some milk, salad, chicken breast and a sandwich

Hot chocolate, green salad, a sandwich, some beetroot soup, a steak
Tomato soup with rice, two sandwiches, some fruit yoghurt, green salad, multivitamin juice
a sandwich, a chicken leg, green salad, milk, an orange
Kids enjoyed the lesson a lot! The feedback was very positive and we are going to meet again soon to have another lesson together!


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