Salvador Dali

Our language school has just started realisation of the European Project within Erasmus+ Programme. One of the first topics we focused on was Art.
Two teachers introduced Salvador Dali as this painter was really exceptional and his art is thought provoking.

The poster above was created by one of the teachers as an example how visuals can help understand the topic. If you click Dali's head, you will open a new window with a film on Youtube that we used as an introduction to the topic.

Later, we ask Ss to match key words for surrealism with their definitions.

Afterwards, there was a time for a little game. In lower groups a teacher and in more confident ones - a student, described this picture to the rest of participants:

The Ss were supposed to draw what they are dictated. It was real fun!

The next step was to answer some questions concerning other Dali's famous pictures. This task is time consuming and I propose to leave it to more confident groups.

Homework was creative - as every formative assessment should aim at such - Ss were asked to draw and describe a surreal picture.

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