From Head to Toe

Eric Carle as an author has created lots of wonderful books. I adore their style, design and drawings. It's always a pleasure to work with his masterpieces. This time I needed something positive to revise vocabulary concerning parts of the body, species of wild animals and the use of "can". A quick search on YT and look what popped up:

 Task 1:

LOTS and HOTS questions revising previous knowledge, e.g:
 1. Show me your... (names of various parts of the body)
2. Which part(s) of your body do you use to...(write, eat, jump, etc.)?
3. Which wild animals can swim?
4. Which animals can't walk?

Task 2:
We watch the film shown above. I encourage children to start singing and copying the moves.

Task 3:
We watch the chant again analysing and repeating the actions mentioned.

Task 4:
I divide the class into three groups hand out three different sets of riddles about animals. In this case I made use of a ready worksheet found at http://busyteacher.org (that I really recommend!).
The students read the riddles one by one to other teams and the first one to guess the name of the animal scores the point. The winners are of course those with the highest score.

Task 5:
It's time for vocabulary. In case of lower grade students I make sure they note down the names of the animals. For upper grade students I prepare a compilation of all the new words and phrases that appeared in the riddles.

Task 6:
Time for a game. Children play "Simon Says" but include phrases from the chant (raise you shoulders, kick your legs, bend your neck, etc.)

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